hello friends, i am here to bring something important to your attention. the city of Los Angeles is trying to take down Foster the People’s Supermodel Mural in Downtown even though an agreement was made in January that the mural would say there permanently. this mural adds life and color to one of the roughest parts of DTLA, Skid Row. this mural stands as a symbol of life, empowerment, and even the affects of social media in our every day lives. it was supposed to stay forever. i have been to this mural countless times and it moves me to tears every time because of the affect this mural and this band have had on my life in the past couple of years. Foster the People are my favorite band of all time. they have had such a positive impact on my life. they were the reason i didn’t kill myself in 2012. i met them and had a chance to personally thank them for everything they’ve done for me and they are the most kind and gracious people i’ve ever met. they have led me to meet some of my life long best friends and gave me some of the best concert experiences of my life. a petition was started to keep the mural standing. so far, the petition has 5.4k signatures. the petition has 48 hours to get over 5,000 signatures. in one day alone it got 5,000 signatures, and supporters really need the help of the public to get this petition signed. the mural is set to be painted over Monday, July 14. please, please, PLEASE take 30 seconds out of your day and sign this petition. this mural means so much to so many people worldwide. it’s heartbreaking that it’s only been there 7 months, before thousands of people even had the chance to see it in person. PLEASE. this is important to me and so many other people. foster the people taught me to fight for what i believe in and this isn’t right. you can sign the petition (http://chn.ge/1reBzMk) and I encourage you to spread the petition to other people however you can within the next 48 hours, whether it be through twitter, tumblr, facebook, or instagram. foster the people are overwhelmed thus far with the support this petition has gotten but we still need more signatures and we only have 48 hours to do it. i am going to be at the mural early Monday morning with dozens of other people protesting. if you live in the Los Angeles area i highly encourage you to stop by the mural (the address of the mural is 539 S. Los Angeles St.) and let your voice be heard. this is so unfair and it’s breaking the hearts of fans, supporters, and the band itself. please, please, PLEASE, once again, sign this petition and spread the word about it to others. the link to this petition, once again, is (http://chn.ge/1reBzMk). even if you’re not huge on the band or their music, every single signature counts. please reblog/like this to get the word out. thank you so so SO much. 

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